Tips for Cretaing a More Productive Office Space

The lifeblood of any business or company, is productivity. How productive the employers and employees are will directly affect the level of success no doubt. There are a lot of contributing factors that can increase and reduce productivity. Here we are looking at office spaces where everyone would be 8 hours a day, and how these office spaces can be made more comfortable and productive. Below are a few tips employers and employees could use in creating a more productive office space.



The temperature of the office environment is very important, as most workers complain about the temperature at the office. A good Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) should be installed for proper temperature regulation. Design the office space so workers are not directly underneath the vents, and the temperature control switches should be accessible to the workers. The windows that face west could receive the full intensity of the sun in the afternoon. Installation of heat-blocking blinds could be an effective approach or rearrange work space to avoid the unbearable sunny-spots.


On a personal level keeping a clear and clutter free desk is a no-brainer. This will immensely increase efficiency, organization, and productivity for you as a worker. Organize your papers in files, label these files, and throw out or delete documents you no longer need.

As an employer or manager do try and enforce a clutter free desk policy. In a growing business it is easy to outgrow the present office space. You may even have some of your employees working from the inventory or files room. Extra equipment and file cabinets could begin to litter the office, so a proper rain check on all these issues are required. So as to keep the clutter to the barest minimum. It is always advisable to move to a bigger space or try and store the old or excess files in an external (rented) storage unit.


No work will be done with a back ache. There will be little or no productivity if your back is killing you, either from the desk, chair, or/and improperly placed computer screen. On a personal note, it wouldn’t hurt to take a few minutes in the morning to properly adjust the chair, the desk and monitor. The top of the monitor screen should be at eye level or below eye level. A chair with slight recline would go a long way reducing the pressure on your spine and reduce the resultant effect it could cause on the lower back.


Good lightening is essential for a productive work place.  Whereas bad lightening can increase fatigue, headache, general irritability, and also strains the eyes. Then also natural light tends to increase energy and creativity, which in turn increases productivity.

Colors have been proven to stimulate the mind and can be used positively in an office setting to increase productivity. What matters generally depends on the type of color, the intensity of that color used, and not turning the office to a circus of colors.

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