How to pick up local women in London and get Laid?

Sex is on everyone’s mind these days more than ever before. It’s partly why people all over the world are looking for ways to meet others for relationships. You also have those who want to run into someone in order to have sex with them. All done with no strings attached or commitments in most cases. The United Kingdom is a perfect example where this is taking place. In London, there are singles and even married people looking for partners so they can have sexual liaisons.

Part of all of this has to do with how easy it is to browse the web, chat and use social media sites. The proliferation of mobile devices, computers and laptops have made easier than ever to find sexual partners. Anyone who has an internet connection can use them to search and find almost anything. Dating applications and websites with adult oriented platforms abound. That includes adult sites offering free porn, dating opportunities and many other things. Coincidentally, surges in the swinger lifestyle have added to the sexual revolution being witnessed today. Any person who lives in London and wants to know where to meet girls in order to get laid has numerous options.

O’Neill’s – 33-37 Wardour Street, London, W1D 6PU – The age range for this British pub is between 18 to 60 plus. It is full of tourists and has a band which plays on the upper part of the bar. The drinks are inexpensive and there are numerous spots to sit in.

Mr Foggs – Mayfair – The surroundings of this bar are particularly interesting. Walls are covered with stuffed animals, maps, flags and hunting rifles. Many single Londoners converge on this spot to meet others; including new people.

Movida – 8 Argyll Street  London W1F 7TF – Weeknights in Movida are the best times to find a partner and have fun. That’s generally when the models, hot girls, strippers, celebs and others come out to play. The underground club is full of gorgeous babes and girls looking to be swept off their feet.

The Phene – Chelsea – Whether you’re looking for a great spot to drink, eat or hook up, The Phene is ideal for all of them. The purple-velvet lounge bar has a beach bar-style terrace.

Amika – 65 High Street, Kensington, London W8 5SE – Either tourists or locals in London should check out Amika. Even though they have a strict entry and dress code policy, getting in is well worth it. Inside, you will run into tons of very gorgeous and hot women. The drinks and entry is a bit pricier compared to other spots.

Besides all of these places, the UK is filled with others full of women looking for someone to pull with. Overall, there are several spots to meet these women, not just bars, pubs or clubs. Public transport and the library are places where you can meet women in London. Evening classes, shopping malls and cafe spots also render ideal situations for meeting new people.